Victory Tour Sexy

As Time Go By Discussion (Spoiler!)

hello everyone.. what you fans think of this episode? I actually love it and it was sooo different! I love 40's theme episodes...

I love the storyline and everything in it. Their costumes were amazing and they were so stunning and very  very beautiful.. Their looks were stunning and very pretty.. I had seen Denise and CJ kissed/hugged 2 times.. How shocking is that? :) First time they did was at the dance. CJ and Michael greeted them and Denise gave her a hello kiss. She is the only one! Others say hi and shake hands.. The last time was and second was when Denise were outside and feeling so sad, CJ and Roxy were there to support her and help her out.. CJ held her arm out and put her hand on her shoulder and that when Denise gave out and gave her a huge hug.. HOw sweet... Roxy just put her hand on her back.. 

Overall i love this episode.. it was wondering and emotional and very sweet cool one.. Cant' wait for next week.. What you fans think of it?
Victory Tour Sexy

The Good Witch and The Good Witch Gardens

Hello everyone Cathine Bell appeared in 2 Hallmark movies -

The Good Witch and the sequel is called The Good Witch Garden. She played as Cassie. The Good Witch Garden wil appear tomorrow at 11/12PM at Hallmark channel. Check your local listing! My show at 11AM and today i am recording The Good Witch and i love it so far. I can't wait to see the sequel tomorrow at 11/12PM on Hallmark.  If you had see the first one, what you fans think of the movie?


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